When it comes down to it, im not always the smiling, happy go lucky, smart ass, humorous person that i appear to be and show myself as. This side is more of the mellow me, the poet, the photographer, the writer, the lover.


Im not like all the others

Im the piece that never fit

God made this world a puzzle

And he left me out of it.


Im the girl who doesn’t smile

Im the girl who isn’t pretty

Im the one that no one wants

Im the girl whos merely witty


Im the girl who sits alone

Im the girl who just wont cry

Im the one youll never want

Im the one who says goodbye

Breaking the Silence.

They told me to run, but just how far? 
Can I go wearing the black mask of fear? 
The hate in my eyes always gives me away
The tension building slowly
Now I lost everything I had in you
Nothing we shared means a thing
Without you close to me
I cant live without you

Breaking the silence of the night
Cant you hear me screaming? 
I look for your face in the neon light
You never answer me

Theres no direction to my stare
No more flame burning in my heart anymore
Quiet, I keep it to myself
Until the sun sets slowly
I hear your voice in the evening rain calling
Nothing will keep us apart
No more lies and fear
Theres no end to our story

Breaking the silence of the night
Cant you hear me screaming? 
I look for your face in the neon light
You never answer
I could make all the wrong seem right
If you were by my side
Id gather all the tears you cried
And hide them deep underground

Cant look back, its just a waste of time
Cant erase this hate from my eyes

Breaking the silence of the night
Through the streets Im screaming
Looking for you in the neon light
Why dont you answer me? 
Breaking the silence with my cries
Cant you hear me screaming? 
We could make all this wrong seem right
But you never answer me


Glass Half Empty.

Im the glass that always empty

Im the smile never used

Im the eyes you never meet

I am the body you’ve abused


Im the tear drops down your face

I am the heart that’s always broken

I am all those silent screams

Im those words you’ve never spoken


Im the truth you never face

I am every late night cry

I am now as I have been

I will have to say goodbye. 

The smile never reached her eyes

To this girl it was no surprise

The smile never reached her eyes

Though her mouth would twitch and crinkle

Her sad eyes would never twinkle



She felt anger, felt frustration

Why could she not feel elation

Every feeling turned to pain

Causing struggles to stay sane



Her eyes grew dark, her skin grew pale

A body once beautiful now frail

The depression slowly took its toll

As day by day she lost control



Her weakened mind saw no escape

She was now in such bad shape

She lived a life of unheard cries

Which led her to her great demise.

To You Of The Day

Hungry hands against my skin

Hollowed whispers in my ear

Slipping hands inside my clothes

Tell me things I want to hear


Piercings prod against my lips

Make me cum with passion kisses

Use me then just walk away

Go back on home to the misses


You leave me here alone to question

I feel more empty than before

She’s the one you go on home to

I am just your free time whore


I was here  whenever needed

She was there treating you like shit

But you still love her cause shes gorgeous

And you know I was sick of it


But you made me so damn glad you left me

I hope to never see your face

Or hold you tightly like I use to

And never feel that empty embrace

Renew The World (Stay Strong)

What are we?

For we are everything,

Yet, as individuals

We seem like nothing.


So small, yet so big

We can create.

And we can destroy!

But why?


If we all cry at once,

Could we create an ocean?

An ocean of sympathy

Could we drown in it?


We pray to the gods for good fortune

Why not create our own

For one pair of hand working

helps More than a thousand clasped in prayer


What are we here for?

What are we doing?

Can we escape?

Can we move on?


When we spend a life of running,

And there’s nowhere else to run

Would we sit?

Or would we cope?


Be brave little children

Embrace the new world

In which we have destroyed

Its all yours.


And maybe your tears will mend the drought

You laughter break the silence

Your innocence renew

Your ignorance erases the past.


And when it is time for us to die

We will crawl into our graves

And we will become the earth

That is now yours to mend.

Behind My Mask

As long as i keep smiling

they’ll never have to know

I’ll keep it all inside me

The pain will never show


I’ll act as though im normal

I’ll hide inside my shell

No one will ever think to ask

so i’ll never have to tell


I will hide behind my mask

I will live a life of lies

No one will have to see my anger

no one will hear my cries